"The Secrets of The World's Great Achievers;
Dramatically Increases Your Focus, Your Earnings,
Your Freedom - Right Now"

Could you be prepared to take this journey together?

When the day finally came when I realised the actual secret of success my business changed, my life changed, and I changed.

This secret really was that most solid of bricks that you could ever put in the bottom of your pyramid of success

Let me tell you what it is, because you and I have used this in the past and we will use it for the rest of our lives.

Here's the secret…

It's learning from others.

It's learning from others who've been there and done it, where we want to go there and do it.

Let me tell you how it started for me…

I was running a business. It was reasonably successful. I wanted it to be even better, and one day I received a piece of direct mail. It was from Nightingale-Conant, the biggest audio training company in the world, about the Earl Nightingale programme, Lead the Field. There was no risk whatsoever. I could send it back if I didn't like it. So I sent for it and I listened to it and I started to apply the ideas in here and various other audio programmes that I got as a result of starting to learn from others.

Three years later, I sold that business for four million, two hundred thousand pounds.


And, I retired age 42.

Since that time...

I've decided that I would do what Earl Nightingale did for me, and I would share my tried and tested and proven ideas with other people.

Not just my ideas, ideas from people around the world. I interviewed a 156 successful people. I started to write books/tips booklet. I started to create audio programmes (Over 200)

I went to Nightingale-Conant to see if they would they publish my material and they asked me to revoice Lead the Field, so I did.

I created and audio newsletter called The Achievers Edge. But, now, I'm on a new adventure and it's called The Achievers Club.

I want you to become a prime member of it.

Together, seriously, we can change the world

This is what I've done with The Achievers Club…

I've loaded, to start with, some of my material, the material I've made in the past, the material I'm making today. All about business and personal success.

I've loaded some of the interviews of people I've currently interviewed, but I'm interviewing more people all the time - actually, it could be your content as well.

Now, what about the money side of this…

Let's cut to the chase.

I've been running mentoring programmes, and I've been charging my clients $600 to $1200 dollars per month. But, I've decided to take Peter Diamandis's advice and digitise and dematerialize everything and put it all online, so that I can democratise it. I can get it out to the world. More people I ever dreamed possible. Because of that, I can dramatically demonetize it as well.

This is what I'd like to do…

I would like to give you seven days full access to the whole of the Achievers Club content, everything that's in there, the interviews, the maps, the templates for only $1. That's demonetization.

I'd like you to go and have a look, pay $1 to do that, that's the entry fee, and if you don't like it, I will even give you the dollar back, so there is no risk whatsoever. Exactly the same that happened for me at the start of this journey.

I want you to dive in there, watch the videos, listen to the interviews, download the maps.

If you want some more leads, my lead generation map is in there.

If you want to be better at time management, my time management checklist is in there.

Copy these ideas.

Share them with your clients.

If you want to do a survey, my map of exactly the step by step process that you take is in there.

You've heard of the three Golden Questions of Business Growth from Jay Abraham, I'm sure?

There's my take on it in there

I also want to give you a welcome bonus worth $2,000. Is it worth $2,000?

Actually, I think it's worth about $10,000.

It's my system of how to write any informational product, including a book. It's seven videos that you watch and an online piece of software where you put your information in, you press one button and it produces the manuscript, ready for your editor, your printer or your publisher.

Prime membership of $1 is only in this launch period, $1 to get in and sample it for yourself. I'd like you to listen to Jay Abraham, the interview I did with him is there. I created a programme with Jay Abraham. I went to see him in Los Angeles on his three-day event and then I hosted six three-day events for him in the United Kingdom.

I asked Jay this question. "Jay, if you had to get rid of all your marketing ideas except one, which one would you keep?" His answer will surprise you.

I interviewed Professor Robert Cialdini and he discusses with me, face-to-face, the six key factors of ethical persuasion.

Brian Tracy, the leading expert in the world on success, with three things you and I must do every day.

I wonder if you've heard of Brandon Bays? She was diagnosed with a football sized tumour in her stomach and took it away with the power of her mind. I went to Brandon's house. I met with her face-to-face, and she told me about the journey. You see, it's going to be like you sitting alongside me, listening in as if you're asking the questions yourself, and hearing me cajole these people to give up their secrets of success.

Now, if having dived in there after seven days you decide it is for you, do nothing. Your full membership starts, and how much is that?

It's a dollar. Yet this time, it's a dollar a day. I've rounded that up to be $30 a month. Because, if you decide to be a member, then it's locked in for life.

There's so much other stuff I could share with you. We're going to have web meets, we're going to have physical meets around the world. We've got a private Facebook group. There's a special email helpline.

This is what I'd like you to do…

I would like you to trust me and sign up for $1, and come and have a look at the Achievers Club. I think it will knock your socks off with the depth of the ideas.

It's your online library of success that you can access 24/7, from anywhere where you have an internet connection. Will you trust me for $1 and come and have a look?

If you will, all you need to do is to pop down there, press that big button that says, "Yes, Peter, count me in," and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Together, we truly can change this world of ours for the better. Come and join me. I know you'll love it.